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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nine Great Website Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Business On Line

Planning your Website

Here is a great idea to help you grow your business on the internet. You want to do some site planning and analysis. Doing a competitive analysis of what others are doing on the internet with businesses similar to yours is useful to your site development.

Analyzing Competition

There are hundreds of thousands of websites you compete against. How will you make your website stand out amongst these? Look at what others are doing with their websites on line. You can learn what is working by studying these websites. You can save lots of time and money you would spend on research for your business by using this analysis method. They have likely spent a lot of time in developing their websites and it tells you what is working.

Create An Email List

You use any marketing you have in place and perhaps PPC advertising you can bring people to your website. As people come to your website, you will want to keep track of who is buying from what advertising you use. You will want to fine tune your website by placing tracking links to what is creating your sales. What about those that come to your website who are not buyers. You will want to create an email list capturing their emails and design email letters for future use as you have captured their interest. You write informative emails that capture you lists interest and bring them back to your website repeatedly.

Create A Blog On Your Website

Informative emails that you create can be used to create articles and these can be placed on your blog to be used to inform your visitors further. As you provide good informatin in your blogs, you vistiros will study your information more and will begin to see you as the expert and in turn they will trust you more. Your email list size will increase and your sales will increase. As your traffic increases there is a method to monetize your blog. As your traffic increases your blog will become noticed more by the search engines (google, MSN, Yahoo etc.). Using the right words and phrases on your blog can bring a large amount of new traffic to your business bringing new income to your blog and website and incresing your email list for future sales. Each of these activities continue to build on each other growing your business.

Use Article Marketing To Increase Your Business

You now take the information on your website and further distribute it as articles and press releases to other websites. This establishes you as the expert in your field and the more information you have across other websites, the more search engines will find you and the more people will read the information. This brings more people to your website to buy what you offer and increases your email list for more future sales.

Media Marketing

You can now turn your business information in to video and podcasts. Very few of the competitors are using this medium. Tapping into this will bring new visitors to your website bringing you more money and more people to your email building a large list of followsers and future customers.

What You Do With All Of Your Accumulated Information

Now that you have accumulated a large amount of information and articles, you can turn that into how to do guides and special reports that you can give away as bonuses to your customers or use as incentives to join your email list.

Creation of A Funded Proposal

You can monetize your information, if the information you have is valuable enough. Creating valuable information products and monetizing them with sales to your list can further enhance expanding your business and list by covering the costs of advertising promotions you can do and writing or purchasing articles to further expand your lis and your income.The current wave of traffic coming into your site can pay for the future wave of traffice to your website. Your marketing becomes self funded as the more people that come to your website pays for the expanded wave of people coming to your website. This will help pay for sales for your main products increasing your income.

Capitalize On What You Have Created

Next you will want to learn about joint ventures and affiliate products and capitalizing on people who are already on your website and email list The more traffic on your website, the more other businesses will want to join with you and the better deal you can make with them. If you have a product that is helpful to your list, offer it to other business as you can make a lot of money doing this. Creating your own affiliate program and offering it to other businesses for a percentage of the sale is the ultimate sale. You have no expenses as other marketers are professionally promoting your product and you are increasing your list for further sales.

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